(Knowledge Science Report) We have talked about that heart attack is caused by the condition when oxygen-rich blood to a part of the heart is blocked. If the same thing happens in the brain then it can lead to a stroke. Also like in a heart attack the portion of the brain can die fast without oxygen. A person with a stroke can have several signs like paralysis sudden weakness trouble speaking and understanding speech and trouble seeing. Stroke is a serious health condition and you need to call 911 immediately. It is much better to call an ambulance than driving to the hospital yourself or letting other people drive you. Remember in a stroke every minute counts. Stroke has a lot of risk factors many of which are chronic poor health conditions. These include high blood pressure obesity diabetes and heart diseases. Some unhealthy lifestyle behaviors are linked to higher stroke risk. Such behaviors include smoking alcohol or drug abuse lack of physical activity stress and depression unhealthy diet unhealthy blood cholesterol levels. The good news is that stroke is preventable and what you need to do is to have a heart-healthy lifestyle.Recently researchers from New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center give some tips to prevent stroke. According to them you can do four things to protect yourself. Reducing salt intake. This helps you lower the risk of high blood pressure which is a big risk factor for stroke and heart disease. The healthy blood pressure level is 120/80 or below. You can flavor your food with various spices that are healthier than salt.
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