-Source-The Independent- Having a 4G mobile signal choosing our own working hours and always having a seat on a train should be considered basic modern human rights according to research. A poll of 2000 adults found people also ideally wanted to have mobile phone charging points in public areas free gym membership and complimentary sun cream on hot days. Having at least one holiday a year free access to Wi-Fi and not having to pay tax also made the list. A spokesperson for NET Coverage Solutions said: As the results suggest many of us have very strong views on the rights which should be available to all. Some of the things have been genuine human rights for many years access to water freedom of speech and so on. However many represent the modern world such as strong phone signal and being able to choose your working hours." The study also found one-third of people have complained when these so-called rights have not been fulfilled. In fact nine out of 10 people believed it was important to fight for ones rights and have their say. But more generally 75 per cent said they would complain when goods and services are not up to scratch and four out of 10 people have even felt compelled to complain on someone elses behalf. One third had no qualms making their frustrations public most frequently to friends family and colleagues but also through online reviews and through social media posts. Carried out through OnePoll.com the research also found poor phone signal was a real sticking point for Britons. One-quarter admitted they could not bear to be without phone signal for any longer than 10 minutes with more than half confessing they felt extremely frustrated when they did not have any. Read More
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