(John Katz Editor The American Dossier) Last week there were ICE raids on chicken factories in Mississippi involving the arrest of over 700 people at 6 locations. As usual ICE was dehumanized for carrying out their job. The highlight for the media was to report about child welfare. Left under-reported however was over half were immediately released with parents being given top priority in response to concerns over child welfare. In actuality the raids were necessary to prosecute the people running these plants as illegal immigrants often are vulnerable to being paid lower wages because of their status and have little or no say when it comes to them adhering to labor laws(such as OSHA)and their safety issues in the work environment. These issues can be much more detrimental when it comes to the plight of child welfare. So what about legal immigration? According to liberal media outlets there is and a need outrage over the new immigration public charge policy. As stated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli the Trump administration is reinforcing the ideal of self sufficiency and personal responsibility. The new rule would make legal immigrants possibly ineligible to receive green cards if they have been receiving public assistance. However this is not the first time we have had this kind of rule in place. Heritage Foundations Kelsey Bolar gave insight on this in a interview on Fox. Trump administration is clarifying this rule as the rule has already been in effect for the past four decades. If coming to this country legally you must be self sufficient and not add to public spending and debt problem. This is not about the asylum policy and process. However once again what is being created by the more liberal minded media is faux outrage. In comparison Germany which has been criticized as having the most liberal immigration policy requires immigrants already have health insurance economic stability and must speak German. There is hardly any rhetoric against their policy. Denmark has a Democrat Socialist Prime Minister who is much more tough on immigration in comparison to the United States. The truth is the United States still admits more immigrants than any other country in the world. We cannot be a sovereign nation if we dont have immigration laws as we welcome all but wish them to simply come the right and legal way.
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