(The Federalist) This morning Planned Parenthoods new president Dr. Leana Wen started her first official day of work with a softball interview with CBS This Morning." Despite running an organization notorious for providing abortions Wen somehow with the help of a cadre of perky CBS hosts manages to avoid the word abortion" and skirt around the topic for nearly the entire interview. I must give credit where its due: Planned Parenthood has managed to completely rebrand abortion into reproductive rights" and womens healthcare" with what seems like great success given how many pro-choicers proudly profess their support nationwide using these exact curated terms. Just because something is popular though does not make it right and just because something sounds good does not mean it is true. Wen does an excellent job of toeing the party line as is to be expected from the leader of an intensely political-but-not-technically-political organization. The real issue though is that CBSs journalists let Wen prattle on with anesthetized talking point after talking point. For example Wen claimed early on We do more to prevent unintended pregnancies every year than any other organization" and that the organization provides cancer screenings and birth control in addition to life-saving care for millions of people annually. CBS accepted this claim totally uncritically. Eventually however one of the hosts felt the need to push back ever-so-gently: Did you have any trepidation youre the mother of a 14-month-old baby Elijah Elias youre still a practicing emergency room physician its now become such a politicized and such a controversial job did you have any trepidation about taking it?" Wen responded: Being a parent has clarified my values. What I want to do is shape the future for my son Eli. And its a future where all people are treated the same that all people have the right to healthcare. Its a society where we trust women." Read More
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