(CBS New York) November 2 2019 at 10:55 pm NEW YORK  An NYPD vehicle was deliberately covered in trash Halloween Night in Brownsville. A small group of residents laugh some of them taunting two officers cleaning up the latest show of disrespect to law enforcement in New York City. One is heard in a cell phone video saying trick or treat" followed by a slur. The officers show restraint as they clear trash filled boxes broken eggs and other rotting food. A lot of people call 911 in this neighborhood. Theyre holding us up" one officer replied. The two officers were responding to a domestic dispute call in a nearby building and were upstairs long enough for their vehicle to be messed up like that. Where the NYPD vehicle was parked on the corner of East 95th Street at Clarkson Avenue is in front of a bodega where Ahmed Naji works. He says he saw it that the vandals are adults but did not give us detailed descriptions. The bodegas cameras face away from the parking spot and did not catch the suspects in the act. Before the cell phone video starts Naji tells CBS2 the officers walked up to find some of the trash burning. It was eggs and things put on it and also the boxes they were set on over fire" Naji said. Its not funny its stupid" the workers brother added. Increasingly police are targets for disrespect mischief and worse with at least five water dousing incidents caught on video over the summer.
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