-Source-www.nationwideprayer.org- Nation Wide Prayer Network Theme this week: What Held Me Cant Hold Me in Jesus" Purpose: Unification ONE day a week to pray TOGETHER; What: Nation Wide Prayer Network - Pray over the Telephone For Each Other Philadelphia Surrounding Cities States and Nations! Who: Christian Believers Communities Prayer Warriors Prayer Captains Prayer Leaders Everyone! to PRAY on LINE or CALL in to receive prayer and SUPPORT other prayer leaders. Where: Telephone Call Each Wednesday Call direct with no pin at 319-527-3043 or Toll Free at 844-800-2000 pin 664 110# OR Listen ONLINE: www.join.freeconferencecall.com/644-110 OR Download our NEW APP: https://app.igenapps.com/pc/2251329 When: Praying Every Wednesday at four(4) watches 6am 12noon 6pm & 10pm; How long: All CALLS start on time and last about 15 minutes but some linger on; Spiritual support from Rev. Sharon McClain Shawn Childs Dr. Cathy Oliver Minister Tommie Norman Prophet Ugo Rev. Karl Wilkinson Pastor Colin Clark TC Congress Rev. Philip Reid Pastor Felisia Carpenter Evg. Brenda Johnson Pastor Kim White Apostle Carolyn Robertson and so many others. How Often: Once a week once month every 3 months or whenever you can! A calendar of all prayer events can be found at www.nationwideprayer.org A Few Current Partners: 103.9 FM Pray for City Prayer Walk Insta Pray Midnight Comfort Hour Princeton Seminary Students In UNITY there is UNBELIEVABLE strength. www.nationwideprayer.org Mission Prayer Ministry Network is a call to action from our experiences of Gods work on Pentecost Day 2014. The purpose of this ministry is to continue to support and unify Christian Prayer Warriors so they then can be mobilized to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ in the community. The unification of believers will include all Christian entities. To accomplish these goals Prayer Ministry Network will seek to advance the Kingdom of God through the use of technology.
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