(Western Journal) When the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada on Dec. 1 through an extradition warrant from the U.S. American media described in detail how the company had conspired to evade U.S. sanctions on Iran. Huawei has long been involved in helping terrorist states and seeking to thwart U.S. sanctions. Meng is the daughter of Huaweis founder Ren Zhengfei. As details of Huaweis complicity with Iran emerge it is time to look back on the Clinton family and its close relationship with Huawei. When their connection was first exposed more than a decade ago it just seemed like another shady Clinton deal. But now it becomes clear that Huawei has been central to the Iranian efforts to evade first U.N. and then U.S. sanctions. The Clintons were indeed conspiring with the enemy. Huawei has long been a bad actor seeking to undermine U.S. foreign policy. But what is new is that the Trump administration wont stand for it. By contrast the company has had a deep and long-term relationship with the Clinton family. Their ties began when Terry McAuliffe the Clintons top fundraiser and future governor of Virginia bought a Chinese car company Green Tech Automotive and moved it to the U.S. in the hopes that it would produce electric cars.
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