Stephani Scruggs Contributor The American Dossier Every June 14 since 1949 Americans have taken a day to honor the United States flag and the freedoms for which she stands. Designed by Francis Hopkinson and at the request of (then) General George Washington; the first stars and stripes was hand sewn by Betsy Ross in her small New Jersey upholstery shop. Our freedoms: religion speech free assembly protections from a tyrannical government and all the other freedoms codified in the Constitution opened the way for free enterprise and the liberty for its citizens to largely live and conduct business as they choose. This in turn created a per capita living standard so high that the United States is the largest consumer market in the whole world. We buy stuff…lots of it; and freedom gave us the ability to do so. Contrast this with China who desperately needs to continue selling products to American consumers in order to prop up its fragile communist economy. Chinas present day human rights violations runs in direct contrast to nearly every principle Americans hold dear. No freedom of speech. No protests against the government. No freedom of assembly no freedom of press and not even the freedom to have as many children as you want. Sex trafficing and human slavery continue to be reported as rampant. Would you willingly reward a pimp? A slave trader? A murderer? The ability to sell products to American citizens is a privilege. Our collective buying power can make or break economies around the world making trade a powerful tool in the fight for freedom everywhere. But set aside trade for a moment and consider - as the largest consumer market in the world shouldnt we as individuals take the time to consider to whom we are sending our money? When General Washington approached Betsy Ross to sew the first flag he was still embroiled in a terrible civil war against a country that regularly abused its citizens even as that tyrannical government pickets its peoples pockets dry. General Washington and his Continental Army that united beneath Betsy Ross Stars and Bars fought for the freedoms that made us great. Perhaps that same spirit of liberty should live in not only our national trade agenda but also each individuals buying decisions. Will you support freedom or will you keep paying human rights abusers? On flag day of all days chose freedom buy American. Stephani Scruggs A noted writer speaker and political analyst Stephani has advised several Presidential candidates a United Nations Ambassador several Attorneys General Congress and the current Administration on developing pro-growth policies international trade currency manipulation and budget issues as well as prolife and cannabis policies. Follow her @StephaniScruggs
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