John Katz Editor The American Dossier As reported in The Washington Times two Democratic Senators declined to attend a key Senate committee meeting this past Thursday in order to delay a critical bill which was designed to fix the surge of migrants at the border. Diane Feinstein was the only Democrat to show up to only banter and complain about the process. What is rather ironic it has also been reported that Democrats are out-raising Republicans in Senate races so far and have high hopes for a second blue wave. One would think that with all the division on such an issue as immigration that they would at least roll up their sleeves and focus on doing what their constituents elected them to do? This week we will have the second DNC Presidential debate. Last time we had a clearly discombobulated spectacle of banter with very little substance on priority of policies and vision. The second round of debates will take place on July 30th and 31st and will be broadcast from Detroit by CNN. It will feature 20 candidates who will go toe to toe. Night One Will Feature: Gov. Steve Bullock Mayor Pete Buttigieg former Rep. John Delaney former Gov. John Hickenlooper Sen. Amy Klobuchar former Rep. Robert Francis Beto ORourke Rep. Tim Ryan Sen. Bernie Sanders Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Marianne Williamson. The top tier candidates are considered to be Sanders and Warren who are tied for second place as they are the most liberal of the contenders. It is also the first and possibly only debate including Gov. Steve Bullock as he did not qualify for the debate on NBC. NBC set the qualifying standards rather high and they will have even higher standards for the September debate. Candidates must have a minimum of 130k unique donors and reach 2 in at least four polls. Night Two Will Feature: Sen. Michael Bennet former VP Joe Biden Sen. Cory Booker Julian Castro Mayor Bill de Blasio Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Sen. Kristen Gillibrand Sen. Kamala Harris Gov. Jay Inslee and Andrew Yang. According to CNN polls Biden is still the overall front runner. The race issue can again become a key issue between Biden and Harris. Beyond race issues the issue of criminal justice reform could also play itself out again as Cory Booker has called out Biden as The Architect of Mass Incarceration". Will these folks be at their best and exemplify candidness and integrity? Are they ready for prime-time this time ? The best we can all hope for is that perhaps there will be more substance and less rhetoric. Burn me once shame on you burn me twice shame on me if I still pull the lever for you in 2020.
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