(Townhall) The political climate in the United States has been perpetually explosive for what feels like generations. This sentiment was evident as voters went to the polls for the 2018 midterm election. As a result of this the 2018 midterm had the highest voter turnout since 1914. Despite the passion exhibited by both parties this election in the shadow looms a serious issue that can affect the very foundation of our democracy. That issue is the growing distrust in our election results. According to recent surveys 31 of American voters have not very much" or no confidence at all" in our election results. Furthermore one-third of Americans believe foreign governments had influenced the outcome of the recent midterms. This can be partially attributed to the American medias narrative framing of the 2016 Presidential election as illegitimate and partially decided by foreign entities. There are a number of additional factors that also have contributed to the growing lack of faith in the electoral process. It is no secret that foreign governments have attempted on multiple occasions to influence American elections to suit their agenda. In 1996 China attempted to influence domestic American politics by attempting to assist in the reelection of President Bill Clinton. Dubbed Chinagate" the scandal was born out of a United States Department of Justice investigation into fund-raising activities that uncovered evidence of Chinese agents directing contributions from foreign sources to the Democratic National Committee.
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