(CBS) Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang defended his proposal to give every American $1000 a month in a so-called Freedom Dividend arguing his plan would actually encourage Americans to increase their productivity. Americans will work even harder when they get the resources in place to actually get ahead Yang said on Face the Nation on Sunday. This is the trickle-up economy from our people families and communities up. It will create over 2 million new jobs in our communities because the money will go right into local mainstream businesses to car repairs daycare expenses Little League sign-ups. And thats where the economic value needs to go in order to create jobs where people live and work. Transcript: Andrew Yang on Face the Nation Yangs plan for a universal basic income would provide the money to every American adult no strings attached. The idea of a universal basic income has been embraced by some in Silicon Valley including Mark Zuckerberg. Yang himself a tech entrepreneur argues the stipend will be necessary to help Americans whose jobs are lost to automation over the coming years. Yang would impose a value-added tax on consumer purchases to cover the cost of the proposal which he estimated to be roughly $2 trillion. He pointed to other countries that impose such a tax and chided large corporations that avoid large tax bills in the U.S.
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