On Thursday I sat down for lunch with one of our contributors/writers, Bill Devlin.  Dr. William (Bill) Devlin, is CEO of REDEEM! An International Humanitarian NGO which has active mission efforts throughout the world.  Bill gave a firsthand eyewitness account   and perspective about the atrocities occurring in China, specifically in regard to the protests in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, our time was very brief however his account was very compelling in regard to why we all should avoid buying goods made in China until the humanitarian issues are dealt with.

Some firsthand facts from what goes on at these protests not only experienced by Bill but also reported The Philadelphia Inquirer:

•The Hong Kong police use tear gas against demonstrators as a form of “riot control”
• From June 1 through July 31, 2019, Hong Kong security forces fired about 1,000 tear gas canisters.
• Pennsylvania is a leading manufacturer of tear gas, exported all over the globe. Combined Systems Inc. of Jamestown, south of Erie, and Nonlethal Technologies of Homer City, east of Pittsburgh, are among the top five companies in the world producing “riot control systems,” according to Visiongain, a market research firm based in London.
• What police and protesters call tear gas have been tested showing they contain chemical compounds that are toxic powders that are aerosolized as a fog or spray.
• There is no legal obligation in any country to record the number of deaths and injuries from tear gas.

The most disturbing revelation is the fact that there are American companies complicit in these protests.

Nonlethal Technologies is a family owned company which has been in the tear gas business for at least three generations.

Buzzfeed investigative reporters found out the company relies on low paid hourly American workers to assemble products with hazardous materials few with safety measures to protect them. The company has been fined multiple times by the Department of Labor for safety violations.

Stay tuned for a more detailed report on this from Bill Devlin.
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